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Short mountain spring relaxing massage

With your choice of Valais grape-seed oil or nourishing herbal oil.

Long Mountain spring realxing massage

With your choice of Valais grape-seed oil or herbal oil.

Mountain spring herbal stamp massage

This herbal stamp massage using heated pouches filles with the finest aromatic herbs from the Valais relieves muscle tension and stimulates microcirculation in the skin.

Mountain spring body pack: Alpine herbs

Luxurious body pack with alpine herbs

Mountain spring body pack: hay flowers

Luxurious body pack with hay flowers

Mountain spring body pack: creamy goat butter

Luxurious body pack with creamy goat butter

Mountain spring body pack: Grape-seeds

Luxurious body pack with grape-seeds

Mountain spring scrub: Alpine herbs

Pamper your skin with purifying, revitalising and exfoliating scrub with alpine herbs

Mountain spring scrubs: Grape-seeds

Pamper your skin with purifying, revitalising and exfoliating scrub with Grape-seeds

Mountain spring scrubs: Hay flowers

Pamper your skin with purifying, revitalising and exfoliating scrub with hay flowers

Mountain spring scrub: Honey

Pamper your skin with purifying, revitalising and exfoliating scrub with honey

Mountain spring baths

A luxurious bath with alpine herbs

Mountain spring bath: goat butter

A luxurious bath with creamy goat butter

Mountain spring bath: Hay flowers

A luxurious bath with hay flowers

Mountain spring bath: Grape-seeds

Luxurious bath with grape-seeds

Mountain spring bath: Honey and Swiss pine

Luxurious bath with honey and Swiss pine

Mountain spring ritual: Honey

Honey scrub followed by a honey and Swiss pine bath

Mountain spring ritual: "z'Geisu"

Full-body pack and a soothing massage with nourishing goat butter

Mountain spring ritual: Alpine herb

Body scrub with selected alpine herbs, followed by a revitalising massage with herbal oil

Mountain spring ritual "Numu Chrütär"

Body scrub, a revitalising massage and a herbal body pack

Mountain spirng ritual: Valais grape-seed

Scrub, bath and a massage with all the benefits the grapes have to offer

Mountain spring ritual: Vital force of the Alps

Enjoy the soothing warmth combining a herbal bath, stamp massage and a herbal pack.

Mountain spring ritual: Valaisian apricot

Concentrate power of pure fruit with this cominbation of a bath, a srub and a body pack followed by a revitalising massage

Mountain spring ritual: Flüealp goat milk and herb

A combination of a bath with goat milk, a scrub, a body pack and a relaxing massage

Natural fango-ritual

Fango scrub of pulverised volcanic rock and a fango mud pack, followed by a relaxing body massage

Ritual for healthy joints

Aqua gymnastics programme tailored to your needs, followed by a partial body massage

Ritual to relieve muscle tension

Fango mud pack, followed by an electro-therapy session to relieve muscle tension

Wellness Taping

Joints will be taped to provide support where you need it most, followed by a relaxing massage

Time for me - and my health

Our professionals will put togehter a treatment just for you - what you want and what you need is paramount

Partial body massage

Relaxing massage with nourishing almond oil

Full body massage

Relaxing massage with nourishing almond oil

Foot reflexology massage

Stimulation of the reflex zones on your feet has a effect on your entire body

Partner massage

Relaxing massage under the quidance of a trained professional.

Detoxifying lymph drainage

Massage technique to flush waste products, toxins and excess water from the tissues.

Cranio Sacral Balancing

Soothing touches removes blockages, stimulates the body's self-healing powers and produces a deep sense of relaxation.


Watsu involves stretching and massaging of the joints in water heated to 36°C.

Partial body massage plus natural fango mud pack

Soothing massage following a fango mud pack

Full-body massage plus natural fango mud pack

Soothing full-body massage following natural fango mud pack

Hot Stone treatment

Volcanic basalt stones are heatet and then used to gently massage the body to release muscle tension.

Thalasso Alpentherme

A relaxing Thalasso bath, a soothing all-over body scrub with seaweed and a toning creamy seaweed pack

Thalasso & Form

Seaweed exfoliation treatment, a invigorating Thalasso bath, a Metabolism-boosting anti-cellulite massage and a firming cool body mask

Lindner on the Rocks

Full-body wash with amethyst water, full-body massage included a facial and neck massage with an intensely moisturising serum.

Harmony of the senses

Invigorating oxygen bath, followed by a moisturising full-body scrub and a herbal stamp massage before the ritual concludes with a herbal pack

Honey Balance

Purifying massage using the finest honey-ginger oil, followed by a warming pack and concludes with a relaxing facial massage and a royal jelly facial mask


Pulse diagnosis and a detailed analysis of your body tape, as well as dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

Dosha massage

Ayurveda massage tailored to your idividual type

Dosha diagnosis, followed by massage

Diagnosis of your dosha, followed by an Ayurveda massage tailored to your individual type

3-day treatment cure

Diagnosis and one 75 and two 45-minute treatments tailoreed to your dosha

6-day treatment cure

Diagnosis at the beginning and at the end of the treatment cure, three 75 and three 45-minute treatments tailored to your dosha

Tui Na

The Chinese therapist removes blockages and improves the flow of energy and blood by stimulating pressure points along the meridians and mobilising the joints

Huan Jie Ya Li

Deep-penetrating full-body massage wipes out stress and restores the flow of your chi according to the yin-yang principle

Mei Rong

Balancing facial massage relieves tension in the facial muscles and will leave you looking radiant and relaxed.

Zu Di An Mo

Un massage chinois des zones réflexogènes du pied qui favorise durablement votre bien-être.

Classic facial for her

Face and neck massage, eyebrow shaping, deeppore cleansing and Vapozon

Clarins Pro-Active facial

Highly concentrated serums give your skin an instant boost, including eyebrow shaping

Clarifying and deep-cleansing facial

Deep facial cleasing including exfoliation, Vapozon and a balancing mask

An oasis of tranquility

An energising, soothing face, neck and decolleté massage

Body-Forming treatment

Refining body treatment boosts the lympathic drainage of the skin, leaving your body feeling slimmer and lighter


Pampering treatment is a real oasis of moisture for thirsty skin.

Power Straffung

Anti-aging, full-body treatment boosts the density, tone and elasticity of the skin.

Gentle renewal

Refreshing body scrub detoxifies and clarifies, leaves the skin wonderfully smooth and increases its resilience.

Balancing massage

A massage with eclosing motions for a fantastic feeling of well-being.

Facial Treatment for men

Treatment package tailored to meet your individual requirements

Head to toe

Facials, body scrub and other treatments

Pure luxury for her

Exclusive Pro-Active facial treatments including décolletage treatments

Eyelash and eyebrow tinting

CHF 35

Eyelash and eyebrow tinting, including eyebrow shaping

CHF 65

Classic manicure, including nail varnish and handmassage

CHF 95

Cosmetic pedicure

Beauty treatment for the feet, including an aromatic foot compress and massage

Comsmetic pedicure incl. nail polish

Beauty treatment for the feet, including an aromatic foot compress, massage und nail polish

Dr. Wolff- medical Fitness-Test

Testto diagnose muscle imbalances