Walliser Alpentherme & SPA Leukerbad

Thermal water analysis


Hydrology is a field of earth sciences that deals with the movement, distribution and qualities of water, including the underground water flows known as groundwater. Thermal springs are defined as places where groundwater heated to a temperature of at least 20°C rises to the surface.

The thermal water has no such specific indications that people with certain diseases could not enjoy our hot springs. However, it is ideal in the treatment and prevention of diseases and / or limitations of the musculoskeletal system, such as rheumatism, arthritis or gout.

Element measurement
Total Kationen 508,838 mg/l
Ammonium (NH4+) micro element
Lithium (Li) 0,052 mg/l
Natrium (Na) 23,575 mg/l
Kalium (K) 3,49 mg/l
Magnesium (Mg) 38,330 mg/l
Kalzium (Ca) 431,82 mg/l
Strontium (Sr) 11,04 mg/l
Barium (Ba) micro element
Eisen (Fe) 0,493 mg/l
Mangan (Mn) 0,030 mg/l
Aluminium (Al) 0,008 mg/l
Element measurement
Total Anionen 1267,936 mg/l
Brom (Br) 0,260 mg/l
Iod (I) 0,0412 mg/l
Fluor (F) 2,44 mg/l
Sulfat (SO4) 1162,9 mg/l
Hydrophosphat (HPO4) 0,007 mg/l
Nitrat (NO3) 0,001 mg/l
Hydroarsenat (HAsO4) 0,089 mg/l
Hydrocarbonat (HCO3) 96,0 mg/l