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Roman Irish Bath

Roman Irish Bath

Roman Irish Bath

“Walliser Alpentherme has a dedicated Roman-Irish bath facility that will bring you an authentic touch with the ancient bathing culture of the Romans.

This is a unique, soothing, and deeply relaxing nude bathing experience that consists of multiple rituals that are tailored to let you understand why Romans built baths and wine grapes wherever they went!

Once visitors enter the facility, they can see the authentic Roman ambient and then go through a series of 11 stations, such as saunas, steam baths, and thermal pools heated to different temperatures. 

Each station has a purpose though. Namely, they help your body reach a healthy level of perspiration, and then gently cool it down again. The Irish element of this system is hidden behind "bathing" in warm, dry air and is harmoniously complemented by the Roman element of warm, humid air.

Roman Irish Bath

Once all these steps are finished, the ritual concludes with a soap-brush massage. 

In the end, you can lie back with your eyes closed, while being wrapped in warm, fluffy towels that will surely add to your relaxation!

Lastly, we organize special Roman-Irish nights for our dear guests to bring you the most genuine Roman experience in the 21st century!

These nights feature musical entertainment from another era and include a rich Roman buffet with food and drinks!  Can you resist the temptation to drink and dine as Romans did? Here’s an invitation for a journey back to ancient Rome!”

The working time during the winter season is: 11 AM to 7 PM [only with reservations]
Last admission: 5 PM

From December to April, the first Saturday - we organize Caesar Party Night (120CHF per person, minimum 15 persons).

Roman-Irish bath 2hrs + 3hrs thermal baths

Feel the perfect harmony of ancient traditions and modern relaxation

79 CHF