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Classic Treatments

Thalasso & form

( not available at the moment ) (Scrub, anti-cellulite massage, firming body mask) A power application combining a scrub, an anti-cellulite massage, and toning cold wraps for wonderfully light legs, firmer tissue, and supercharged fat metabolism – feel great about your body! After several sessions, you will notice a marked reduction in cellulite. Activating seaweed exfoliation treatment with thermal water and sea salt Invigorating Thalasso bath with spruce-needle oil, Metabolism-boosting anticellulite massage, a firming cool body mask

240 CHF

Thalasso Alpentherme

“Sea” your relaxation level rises! Experience the fascinating world of Thalasso with this holistic treatment that pampers both body and soul – the power of the sea will leave you feeling thoroughly revitalized and rejuvenated. A relaxing Thalasso bath, soothing all-over body scrub with seaweed, and a toning creamy seaweed pack

165 CHF

Foot reflexologies

The stimulation of the reflex zones on your feet has a harmonizing and invigorating effect on your entire body.

62 CHF

Hot stone treatment Volcanic

Basalt stones are heated to 60°C and then used to gently massage the body to release muscle tension. Hardly distinguishable from a hand’s gentle touch, the smooth stones and their therapeutic warmth provide a long-lasting relaxation. An exhilarating combination of massage, aromatherapy, and energy treatments using warm and sold basalt lava stones.

140 CHF

Partner massage

Spoil your significant other with a relaxing massage under the guidance of a trained professional. You will receive a bottle of massage oil to take with you, so you can pamper each other at home too!

120 CHF

Detoxifying lymph drainage

This gentle and relaxing massage technique is designed to flush waste products, toxins, and excess water from the tissues and to cleanse your entire body.

110 CHF

Classic massage

A relaxing and nourishing massage with ‘Liquiderma Sensitive’ oil (for sensitive skin, dermatologically tested, without preservatives or parabens):

62 CHF