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Mountain Spring Rituals

Force of alpine herbs-ritual

(Bath, herbal stamp massage, and herbal pack) Enjoy the soothing warmth of this ritual combining a herbal bath, a herbal stamp massage using St. John’s wort or arnica lotion, and a herbal pack.

165 CHF

Valais grape-seed-ritual

(Scrub, bath, and massage) Valais grapes stimulate the fat metabolism and boost the immune and cardiovascular systems – treat yourself to all the benefits the grapes have to offer with this ritual combining a scrub, a bath, and a massage.

165 CHF

Alpine herb-ritual

(Scrub and massage) Gets you circulation going with an invigorating body scrub with selected Alpine herbs, followed by a revitalizing massage with the finest Alpine herbal oil.

115 CHF

Mountain honey-ritual

(Scrub and bath) Treat yourself to a balancing, detoxifying, and purifying honey scrub followed by a honey and Swiss pine bath – you will feel like a new person!

115 CHF